Behind the questioned withdrawal of Javier Pretto as president of PRO Córdobathe party appointed Oscar Agost Carreño as the new leader of this national space that Patricia Bullrich led until a few weeks ago, and who stepped aside to be a candidate for the presidency by the opposition.

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The new responsibility of Agost Carreño was published by himself this Saturday through a statement released on social networks where the also candidate for legislator on Luis Juez’s list described the situation as generating “discomfort and worry in many of us”.

“The party identity of the PRO, our values ​​and reputation are not stained by the decision of people who have voluntarily decided to leave our party in search of personal advantages“. Thus, Agost Carreño affirmed that the party continues “working side by side with the other forces that make up Together for Change in the crucial task of proposing to the citizens of the province and more than 200 localities the best candidates for the next elections.”

The full statement below: