The legislator of the Left Front, Luciana Echevarría, criminally denounced Oscar González for embezzlement of public property and malicious falsification of documents.

According to the official, González committed all kinds of crimes before, during and after the crime. “Both the discretionary use of vehicles assigned by the TSJ for activities that had nothing to do with its legislative function, such as the driver’s license obtained in a place without a record and the incredible lies about the value of their assets in their sworn statements. They constitute crimes. It is clear that this man should be imprisoned and disqualified for life from holding public office,” Echevarría emphasized.

According to the affidavit, an apartment in Nueva Córdoba cost 35,000 pesos, a lot 10 cents, and a garage $20,000.

Finally, Echevarría announced that “we want to go to the end and we are going to do everything in our power so that this person never again holds a position in the public service and pays for all his crimes and misdemeanors.”

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