The president of the National Securities Commission, Adrián Cosentino, visited the Córdoba Stock Exchange to present to businessmen, financial institutions and representatives of LAC from all over the province, the federalization plan launched by the body with the aim of disseminating in instruments and regulations throughout the country to promote the savings of investors in projects that translate into greater production and more employment in regional economies.

In this sense, he assured: “In Argentina we have phenomenal opportunities, beyond the difficult situation we are experiencing, because there is enormous potential to carry out this activity. We have a variety of stock exchanges in the interior, markets and brokers that motivate our work agenda”.

“If we understand the complex productive matrix of Argentina, it is clear that the financial task has a titanic task and the only way to carry it out is from a good scheme of the activity”, said the specialist in Corporate Finance, Banks and Economic Development of the NVC.

Cosentino ratified the commitment to deepen a joint work program to generate key tools for productive development within the capital market and highlighted the role of local actors in each province, such as stock exchanges and intermediaries to detect needs and create instruments that channel the saving towards productive investment in the real economy.

For his part, Manuel Tagle, president of the Córdoba Stock Exchange, highlighted the importance of this meeting to strengthen the link with the CNV and thus be able to raise concerns and generate synergy with the representatives of the capital market of the province.

Closing his institutional message, Tagle mentioned: “We hope that Argentina recovers from this volatility and lack of macroeconomic balance because we need political and macroeconomic stability in the coming months and years for the country’s productive development.”

Finally, Ignacio del Boca, general manager of Guarantees of the SGR Center, gave an account of the system of reciprocal guarantee companies and their impact on the economy.

“Avales del Centro assists all types of companies, our focus of operation is in Córdoba, today we have more than 750 MSMEs associated with it. I also want to highlight that we accompany lines of guarantees to promote working capital and that is reflected in the different tools offered by the Argentine stock market”.