Some of the most famous reality show men already they can’t stand Walter anymore so they began to devise possible strategies to get him out of the house.

The statements occurred after a conversation between the participants that began with Thiago’s complaints about not being able to have sex with Daniela in the room because Alfa woke up. The user @chickenmcflyy He was one of those who uploaded to the networks the moment that occurred yesterday.

This player conversation was reason for repudiation among viewers, who expressed themselves on social networks: “This is just as serious as Frodo’s cyber revenge, but nobody seems to care, since Thiago and the Rabbit were involved and they already forgave his anti-Semitic comments, that is, there are people who are greatly harmed and others who are protected”; “That rabbit is the darkest in the house far away”; “I don’t know how the Rabbit hasn’t been canceled here yet, he’s the shadiest of all. I would dare to say that it is even more turbine than Agustín himself ”.

It is known that it is not the first time that the participants have complained about Alfa because they can no longer stand their stay at home, but on this new day their sayings did not go unnoticed.