Little by little, it is possible to glimpse what could be the end of the cause that investigates the tragic death of at least five babies in the Maternal Neonatal Hospital. During the judicial day on Tuesday, the psychological and psychiatric expertise ordered for Brenda Agüero, the main accused of the deaths, was completed. In addition, the former administrative deputy director, Alejandro Escudero Salama, of the hospital yesterday presented a letter in which he rejects the accusation and tells his version of the events.

This Wednesday, in the continuation of the judicial process, the former secretary of the Ministry of Health, Pablo Carvajal, will declare. At the moment it is unknown if he will abstain or speak before the prosecution. Until now, Escudero Salama is the only one of the accused former officials who declared since the other accused, on the recommendation of their lawyers, preferred to abstain.

With the same accusation of “omission of duties” were charged the former Minister of Health, Diego Cardozo; the former coordinator of Patient Safety, Adriana Morales, the former director of the hospital, Liliana Asís and the former head of the Neonatology area, Martha Gómez Flores. The last two were also accused by the prosecution for “ideological falsehood.”