The season in Carlos Paz is at its best, dozens of plays are presented every night in each of the theaters in the mountain village. In Channel C space we receive Pachi Fontana, an incredible artist who shines in the show “Lo Lumvrise” and reveals the best of the show.

“I am very happy with Carlos Paz, the truth is, we are after 24 years in the group and it is the first time that we have come to Carlos Paz for a season. The truth is that we said how we didn’t come before, because the people are beautiful and the city is beautiful to work. We hope to return more often”Pachi said.

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In relation to how they felt coming to Córdoba with a comedy show, the artist expressed: “We are very well known there (Rosario, where they belong and where they do most of their shows) we have television and radio programs, we are on Broadway, which is the largest theater in the city for 15 years now and we are already local recontra. And coming here at the beginning gave us a little ‘quicki’ because as I told you before, people from Cordoba are funny. The greengrocer, the kiosquero, they are all funny and it scared us a little bit but they have a terrible vibe so we come along quite well ”.

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