PAMI, the largest social work in Latin America, joins Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, in order to promote its most recent communication channel: an automated virtual assistant on WhatsApp through which affiliates, their relatives or trusted persons can receive information on procedures and consultations of the Comprehensive Medical Assistance Program.

Said virtual assistant, called PAME, or chatbot, was in the testing phase since January; In this period, it reached more than 150,000 interactions, being used by some 15,000 people who considered the information provided by the chatbot useful. For this reason, now, through the alliance agreed with Meta, the expectation is that the service will expand to 5 million retirees and their dependents, pensioners and Malvinas veterans.

“The pandemic left us several things: one of them was the exponential increase in the use of technologies, even in many older adults. For example, 90% of our affiliates use cell phones. We also know that children and relatives are involved in the health of older adults. We aim to reach those people who use technology more regularly as complementary channels of information and as support for our affiliates” expressed the executive director of PAMI, Luana Volnovich.

For her part, Paloma Szerman, manager of Public Policies for WhatsApp in Latin America, stated: “Contributing to the creation of more and better technological tools for society is one of WhatsApp’s objectives. For this reason, it is an honor for us to collaborate with PAMI for the development of this chatbot. We are proud to offer older people, users of WhatsApp in Argentina, this new alternative through which we can help improve access to information and health options for those who use our platform.”

It is worth mentioning that to use the new query channel through WhatsApp, it is only necessary to schedule PAME among the contacts on the cell phone with the number +54 9 11 4370-3138 and start the conversation with the word “Hello”. Immediately, the bot will ask to indicate if the person using the service is a member of PAMI, if they want to join, or if they are helping someone. Then it will offer a menu with some main topics, such as family doctors, specialists, free medicines, medical card or digital credential, in addition to giving the option to ask about other matters, such as medical benefits and supplies, consultation of procedures, shifts for agencies, trainings and activities. Following the instructions of the virtual assistant, you will be able to access the requested information. The PAME virtual assistant works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can be consulted from anywhere in the country free of charge.

A point to highlight is the priority of providing security for both PAMI and Meta. For this reason, a joint campaign will be launched in the coming weeks with recommendations on how to protect yourself on digital platforms and avoid falling for scams.

In order to guarantee that the information comes directly from PAMI and avoid being the victim of a scam from another telephone number, the account is verified by WhatsApp itself; that is, it presents a green badge next to the name and logo of the social work.