He PAMIsocial work for retirees and pensioners, has a list of medicines that can be get for free. Affiliates will enjoy this benefit through the electronic prescription.

Who will be able to access free medicines?

Those retirees and pensioners affiliated with PAMI who cannot afford discounted outpatient medicationsthey will be given a social subsidy that covers the full cost of drugs.

The step by step, to obtain them:

  • First, the beneficiary must ask their doctor to send the electronic prescription to the pharmacy.
  • Then, the retiree or a trusted person can pick up the medications with their ID and PAMI credential.

What is the PAMI drug coverage for retirees?

The discounts will be able vary according to the pathologies:

  • 100% of coverage in the free medicines of the new Vademecum from PAMI.
  • 100% discount for hypoglycemics, insulin and test strips.
  • 100% coveragefor drugs oncologyHIV and other special treatments.
  • 100% drug discount for affiliated persons with disabilities.
  • 50% to 60% discount for medicines for acute pathologies.
  • 50% to 80% discount for medicines for chronic pathologies.
  • Social Subsidy for outpatient medications.

To obtain the free medicines, it is not necessary to carry out any formality, you only have to present

  • DNI and PAMI credential
  • White or light blue electronic prescription

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