Every time Pampita speaks on television, her statements open doors that amaze everyone. On this occasion, the model and host spoke with Ángel de Brito at LAM about the possibility of getting into politics, as well as about the second edition of the Hotel de los Famosos and the third season of her series.

When asked about her future regarding politics, an important place occupied by her husband, Roberto García Moritán, Pampita maintained that she was present at various events and collections for her husband’s foundation, but that the political world is also very complicated. .

“It’s a difficult world where you have to be impeccable in every way. It’s different to come from the show and get into politics. You have to take it with a lot of respect and a lot of security. You have to put everything aside, to do that well. I’m still in this I want to be a while longer,” said the driver.

Although she prefers to continue for a while longer on television, she did not rule out entering at some point with her husband: “I don’t know where the paths of life will take me. I am learning, I admire that Robert does it because it is difficult. There is few people who have so much freedom and commitment … I admire the time he dedicates to it, “he continued.

Regarding the next edition of the Hotel de los Famosos, the host of the reality show confirmed that recordings are expected to begin in the coming months so that it will come out in mid-January. In the interview with her de Brito, she recounted the most exciting moments that she lived with the participants during the period that the first edition lasted and also how she was to fulfill the role of her mother.

Finally, he indicated that the third season of his series will begin to be recorded in February when he goes on vacation with his family, but he did not give much more information about what will happen in this edition.