In another act of insecurity recorded in the city of Córdoba, the Police of the Province of Córdoba managed to arrest two young people who moments before had stolen the wheels of a utility vehicle in the Parque Liceo Tercera Estación neighborhood, in a criminal modality that shows a growth in the last times.

It should be noted that the increase in the price of tires, whose values ​​start at 25 thousand pesos, depending on the model, seem to be one of the main motivations for the increase in this type of theft.

The incident occurred on Serapio Ovejero street at 4,800 in that neighborhood of the city, where police personnel surprised two young people, 19 and 20 years old, who moments before had stolen the wheels of a Renualt Kangoo utility vehicle that was parked on public roads.

It should be noted that according to what the police report indicates, the kidnapping of the stolen wheels was achieved, while the apprehended were made available to justice, which must now determine the corresponding accusations and their procedural situation.