Under the imprint of generating spaces for dialogue between the private and public sectors, Impulsa Argentina held a second meeting, in which more than four hundred entrepreneurs from the SME sector of the city of Córdoba, and leaders of the public sphere participated.

In this second meeting, the participants were able to discuss and learn about the proposals for the city, of the candidate for mayor Daniel Passerini. In addition, the Vice Governor (elect) Miriam Prunotto, the Secretary of Citizen Participation, Juan Domingo Viola and the President of the Cordóba Sports Agency Hector “Pichi” Campana participated. From Impulsa Argentina, the space represented: Martín Giesenow, Sergio Villella, Pedro Gonzalez Cholaky and Guillermo Robles.

It’s about a compendium of public policies that the current vice mayor proposes, to give continuity and development to the path traced from the current municipal management after years of delay and neglect.

“With Martín Llaryora 3 and a half years ago we began to transform a municipality that was an anchor into a true engine of the cityand we did it by applying an associated management mode, because we believe and practice articulation as a management mode, we know that when you manage a municipality you must know how to articulate with the private sectors and with the provincial government”, Passerini stressed.

Passerini presented his management plan before a new Impulsa Argentina forum • Channel C


It is a group of people from the public and private spheres who took the initiative of generating meetings to open dialogue, debate and get to know perspectives, understanding that the way to get the country afloat is by working as a team, building consensus and transforming differences into opportunities. Impulsa Argentina sees in Córdoba an engine and a model to follow to transform our Nation.