Vice Mayor Daniel Passerini participated this Thursday in an act where he was optimistic about his candidacy for the mayor of the city of Córdoba, promoted by the current president Martín Llaryora.

The event took place at the Villa Azalais Club and around five thousand people showed their support. It was summoned by the Secretary of Citizen Participation of the Municipality, Juan Domingo Viola, who showed unity within the ruling party.

In dialogue with Canal C, Passerini highlighted that it was “another popular festival”, where it was demonstrated that “our political space has the will to continue transforming the province and the city. Córdoba is a province that contributes a lot to the country and now we want to give it a president, Juan Schiaretti”.

The official also stressed that they are looking for Llaryora “continue the path started by José Manuel de la Sota and continued by Schiaretti”. “I am very excited because in each of the past weeks leaders such as Juan Manuel Cid, Diego Casado, have stated that the collective effort and joint will is more important than any individual aspiration.”

At the event, Viola stressed that “Daniel Passerini is a man of consensus, builds bridges, works as a team and has recognized management. Passerini will be the mayor that the Córdoba of the future needs. He will work together with Governor Martín Llaryora and will give continuity to the great management that is being carried out in the city ”.

In addition, he charged against the opposition: “To those who say that the Cordoba Model is out of stock, we ask you not to underestimate the people of Cordoba. because when gThey governed the Province, they handed it over in meltdown, and when it was their turn to govern the city, they left it abandoned, indebted and aimless. Take charge!”.

Viola was key in the municipal management of Llaryora, for the operational decentralization in the CPCs, a policy that has been transversal and of transformation in this management. “We are Córdoba, we make Córdoba, We do and do.”

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