Although the denim garments patchwork have become one of the hottest trends of the last few seasons, the truth is that it has been with us for years. As a result of this technique we observe the combination of fabrics with completely random patterns to orderly pieces that create mosaics, shapes or figures. The best? There are no creative limits to create pieces of patchwork.

Its most ingrained format among fashion prescribers are the jeans, a trend that is going very strong and that serves as a boost for the rest of the garments. And it is that they are more and more celebrities those who sign up to wear denim garments patchwork, As has happened with the recent appearance of Rihanna with the coat of fendi designed by karl lagerfeld for the Fall 1999 collection.

In addition to sneaking steadily into the street stylethe relevance of patchwork today it goes beyond the aesthetic or the dictates of the catwalks. This trend has a lot to do with the upcycling, with sustainable fashion and giving a new life to garments. Hence, generation Z, in search of an increasingly sustainable fashion, bets on it.

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