The former Minister of National Security, Patricia Bullrich, gave a talk at the new Economic Cycle of the Córdoba Stock Exchange. Within this framework, the president of the PRO referred to the importance that the national and provincial elections will have this year.

In principle, Bullrich spoke about how the current situation of the country is facing the next elections and in this regard he said: “It is not an electoral cycle in which we can raise a campaign of empty signifiers, it is not an electoral year in which we can speak with phrases that do not define anything we are going to do. It is an electoral cycle in which citizens Argentines, professionals, the middle classes, (…) feel that they only want politics to be an empty discourse . And he assured that the Argentines want the truth “No matter how difficult it is, it is”.

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In addition, the minister stated that this is her third tour of the country and that she met a “Totally devastated Argentina”. While he assured that in order to change this reality in the country it is necessary “demolish” in a total and absolute way the regime that Kirchnerism built in these years, both at a social, political and economic level.

Bullrich expressed that Argentine federalism has been devastated and has ended up harming the most productive provinces, the same ones that have had to finance “provinces that have been built as unproductive“. Along the same lines, the president of the PRO pointed out against those governors who act as authentic “monarchs, who have justice, the press and institutional mechanisms under their complete orbit. “We need freedom of the press and not go to provinces where the media belongs to a governor”.