After the precautionary measure of the Supreme Court that requires the national Executive Power to return co-participating funds to the City of Buenos Aires, the president of the PRO, Patricia Bullrich, together with the macrista deputies Fernando Iglesias and Sabrina Ajmechet, will present a criminal complaint against the Government and against 18 provincial leaders for the crime of sedition and treason against the Homeland.

In the complaint, the signatories echo what was resolved by the highest court in its ruling, and in this regard it maintains that “it does not imply, in any way, taking co-participation funds from the provinces.”

“The defendants cannot ignore, due to the functions they perform, that the amounts in question were never allocated by law to the provinces in general, since they are co-participation percentages corresponding to the Federal Government and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, assigned to security functions and whose transfer was made by agreement, as perfectly explained by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation,” they said.

In this sense, they refute the national government by pointing out that “it is not true that the ruling is impossible to comply with, because it only deals with the reallocation of the destination of the funds in question, which, we reiterate, make the federal co-participation and not other budget allocations”.

“It is clear then that the document issued by the National Executive Branch only indicates the way to justify and conceal the decision taken to NOT COMPLY WITH THE JUDGMENT handed down by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation in use of its original and exclusive jurisdiction,” conclude Bullrich, Iglesias and Ajmechet in the complaint.

“Disobeying the ruling of the Supreme Court is disobeying the constitutional order,” they said.