The famous singer and brother of the phone diva, Patricio Giménez, shared a message of support for his nephew, Francisco Paquito Lindner (13), on his Instagram profile. The boy suffered an accident when he was traveling with his grandparents in a vehicle in the town of Soca, Uruguay. The event occurred this Friday the 13th and not only caused the hospitalization of the minor, but also caused the death of the grandparents.

According to the medical report Francisco is stable and with signs of improvement. Faced with the painful event, Patricio spoke with a photo of both enjoying a summer day that moved network users.

“Come on, pigeon” and “I love you, Paco” were the words of strength addressed to the boy who is still hospitalized in Montevideo and who is constantly being evaluated by a body of professionals.

Patricio Giménez's post to his nephew who suffered an accident • Channel C