Paulo Londra will be reunited with his Cordoba audience this Wednesday, when in Las Tejas park the artist shares an “avant premiere” of Back to the Game, his second album that will be released on November 23. This was announced through her social networks. It is free and will take place this Wednesday in Córdoba, in the Parque de las Tejas.

After noon this Tuesday, the rapper shared a new preview on his Instagram profile. Along with the video in which fragments of the video clips released during this 2022 by the Cordovan are compiled, Londra confirmed that he will be present in the public space adjacent to Ciudad Universitaria to surprise his local followers.

“Tomorrow, November 23, I return to the game and I have a surprise for my people from Córdoba,” wrote the musician. “Tomorrow we will be in Las Tejas park (sic) to show first premier of Back to the Game. Juju, I’ll wait for you there, I’m going to tell the time,” said the artist.

The date is no coincidence: 23 is the favorite number of the singer, who is a declared fan of Michael Jordan. It should be remembered that at the time he asked bizarre to save it for the Session they did together.