When everything seemed to be on track between Paulo Londra and Rocío Moreno, after signing an agreement on the alimony and visitation regime of the daughters they have in common, the peace between the ex-partner finally ended last Friday when Rocío published a post directed towards the singer.

Paulo Londra's post after being denounced by Rocío Moreno • Channel C

As published by the journalist Pablo Layus, Rocío together with her father approached a Judicial Unit to establish that her daughter was not with her father as established by the agreement between them. They also denounced the singer’s father for alleged threats he made to Rocío and for not having given him his daughter.

After the scandal unleashed, Londra reappeared on social networks and dispatched with a striking Instagram story. “Can not be. Someone is controlling, ”the singer launched and immediately filmed her daughter who was holding a joystick and asked:“ And the triangle? ”. “There it is,” replied the girl. And he reaffirmed between laughs: “There it is”.