The National Social Security Administration (Anses), reported that this Thursday, May 19, the payment of the first installment of the income reinforcement begins.

Some 7.5 million informal workers, employees of private homes, monotributistas A, B and social, whose registrations were approved, will receive $9,000.

In addition, from the entity they indicated how the payment schedule will be, established according to the completion of the National Identity Document of the authorized beneficiaries.

payment schedule

DNI ended at 0: May 19

DNI completed in 1: May 20

DNI finished in 2: May 23

DNI finished in 3: May 24

DNI completed at 4: May 26

DNI completed at 5: May 27

DNI completed at 6: May 30

DNI completed at 7: May 31

DNI completed at 8: June 1

DNI completed at 9: June 2

Where will it be deposited and how to make claims

Anses clarified that the beneficiaries will receive the Income Reinforcement in the bank account, according to the CBU that they informed at the time of completing the registration.

Likewise, the agency recalled that in case of claims or having to present some type of additional documentation, people in that situation will be able to approach the Anses offices in person throughout the month of May.

Source: National Social Security Administration (Anses)