The first installment of $ 9,000 of the Income Reinforcement for 7.5 million informal workers, employees of private houses and monotributistas A, B and social, began to be paid last week as part of a package of measures of the national Government to assist sectors vulnerable to the increase in the price of food and basic necessities.

According to the payment schedule reported by the National Social Security Administration (Anses), this week the payment will take place for people with DNI completed on 2 (Monday May 23), on 3 (Tuesday 24), on 4 (Thursday 26) and 5 (Friday 27), while the last week of May will be the turn of the beneficiaries with documents completed in 6 (Monday May 30), in 7 (Tuesday 31), in 8 (Wednesday June 1) and at 9 (Thursday, June 2).

Source: Telam