He Social security debt payment plan that the Government managed to approve by 134 votes in favor and 107 against in the last and only session that it managed to coordinate with part of the opposition in the period of extraordinary sessions is an initiative with an impact on Nearly 740,000 people of retirement or pre-retirement age who do not have the necessary 30 years of contributions to enter the pension system.

Approved in the Senate in the middle of last year and now converted into law with the remaining half sanction of Deputies, it enables those who are close to turning 60 (women) or 65 years (men) to pay pension debt in “Contribution Cancellation Units”equivalent to one month of services.

To access the benefit, applicants must agree a payment plan with ANSES. From that moment, they will receive a retirement with the discount of the agreed payment plan.

“In principle it is a moratorium that allows you to buy more years than the only moratorium in force, which closed on December 31. As with any moratorium, it will allow those people who have not been able to enter the system to perhaps retire. Women already of age After retiring they will be able to buy around 27 years, 27 years and 10 months approximately,” explained Fernando Viera, a specialist in pension issues.

Viera explained that the people who can access the moratorium are those who have already reached retirement age, they will be able to regularize missing periods up to December 2008 inclusive in monthly installments that will be deducted from retirement. It also contemplates that people who have not yet reached retirement age will be able to regularize missing periods up to and including March 31, 2012, identifying the periods to be regularized and canceling them according to their possibilities.

“The initiative comes to solve a problem in which many retirees were left, but obviously it is criticized where the money is obtained to make this type of benefit,” he said.

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