This Wednesday, at the Deliberative Council, a recognition was given to Astrid Patiño Carabelli, the first granddaughter recovered in Córdoba in 1984 thanks to the work carried out by Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo. The project, approved unanimously, was presented by the councilors of the Bloque Hace por Córdoba together with Councilor Armando Fernández de Córdoba Cambia.

In this way, the Deliberative Council declared its approval for obtaining the full identity of Astrid Patiño Carabelli, thus rescuing her right to identity and her family history, which was cut short by the kidnapping, murder and disappearance of her parents during the last dictatorship. military civic.

Astrid was accompanied by family, friends and co-workers of her father, who were moved to hear her words: “I am Astrid Patiño Carabelli, I always have been. This is thanks to a very long process of struggle by those who started looking for me: my aunt, friends and my old man with my little picture in his pocket that was never missing until the day he disappeared. That search began in ’76 and ends now.”

As part of this emotional recognition, Astrid spoke exclusively with Nacho Cadario, “I was kidnapped along with my mother when I was just 3 years old.” she told her.

“This approval is one more step, of restitution, in this case of social restitution, the identity of a person, is the identity of a society,” he remarked.

“We have people who are still in doubt, that people are encouraged to take the step of knowing their roots if they have doubts, and we have to help them in the process,” he concluded.

For his part, Deputy Mayor Daniel Passerini reflected visibly sensitive: “We are going to celebrate 40 years of uninterrupted democracy, and together we say “Never Again”. There will be no justice until everyone is in jail and everyone we are looking for shows up. This today is a milestone of democracy and is the result of a struggle and search for your identity”.

The councilors Natalia Quiñónez, Armando Fernández, Rossana Pérez, Ricardo Aizpeolea and the Secretaries of the Deliberative Council Miguel Correa and Mariana Sayán were present at the event, as well as the director of Human Rights of the Municipality of Córdoba Guillermo Ruibal and the deputy director of the Civil Registry Natalia Ingelmo, who managed the process so that Astrid can have her identity today.

Coverage: Nacho Cadario.