Personal advances with the evolution of its services with HFC and fiber to the home (FTTH) technologies throughout the country. With the aim of continuing to follow the trends of use and greater consumption that its customers make of the internet at home to work, study or entertain themselves, Personal announces that it is expanding the internet speed of the contracted plans with the aim of continuing to provide the best experience navigation and continue to offer total connectivity in the home.

In this way, Personal increases the speed of internet at home for customers, doubling the browsing speed according to the contracted plan, without any change in their invoice, or in the commercial conditions of their current plan, respecting the price they had with the previous speed and automatically.

Customers who have Hybrid Fiber (HFC) technology and are ready to change have already begun to enjoy their new internet speeds. All those with speeds from 12 megs to 25 megs go to speeds up to 50 megs. Those of 100 go to 300 megabytes, and those of 300 to 500 megabytes.

For customers who have the service through fiber to the home (FTTH) they will also have a speed increase from 25 or 50 megabytes to 100 megabytes, from 100 to 300 megabytes and from 300 to 500 megabytes.

Gonzalo Hita, COO of Telecom Argentina said: “At Telecom, we continue to make the greatest efforts to continue developing and strengthening our infrastructure network, based on sustained investments that guarantee connectivity and internet services of the highest quality. With this strategic view, we decided to double the speed of our home connectivity service for each of our customers so that more and more of them can enjoy unlimited and live a superior browsing experience in their homes hand in hand with Personal”.

For more information, customers can access the website

As part of this development, Personal has been carrying out the greatest transformation of its network infrastructure, both fixed and mobile, introducing new access technologies that allow higher speeds and also contributing to optimizing the quality of service in terms of stability and availability, which that significantly improves the user’s experience in their internet connection both inside and outside the home.