Pessimists of the Goal is a radio program that has been on the air for nine seasons without interruptions, it is a 100% entertainment program that revolves around soccer, where the participation of the audience is the fundamental role, given the distinctive triggers that generate a wide back and forth, in the same way at times he leaves football playing and debating current or everyday issues.

In its content there are iconic blocks of the program, such as “Educating the Seal” which are unknown or very little known stories about football, such as why a fan is called a fan, why a direct goal is called an Olympic of corner, history of players and clubs, epic and emotional moments etc.

In turn, the program has a lunfardo typical of the names of clubs and players, which the audience has already incorporated, even in the messages they send they use them themselves. The new audience draws them a lot of attention and incorporates them quickly. Along with the fluidity and rhythm in flats, we also find special blocks such as stories, short and humorous radio plays, deconstruction segments with Misty Soul Choire where cancha songs are analyzed together with a sociologist and the choir sings sensational versions and deconstructs them.

The program is carried out by Carla Ortiz, Marcos Vaira, Leandro Paredes, Adrián “the old man” Schlatter and Fer Sappia.