Hours before the start of the show at the Vélez Sársfield stadium full of people, Lali Esposito received an unexpected surprise during the meet and greet that he performed with some of his fans.

Your ex-partner and friend Peter Lanzani He came up to greet her after the singer was with her fans. To see it, lali He ran to meet her and they squeezed into a big hug, while she told him that she couldn’t believe he was there. “Did you pay for it?”he joked.

Thanks to the microphone on that the singer had, you could hear what they were talking about. “Lanzani, what a strange feeling your mother’s pussy!”, the actress told him as she caressed her back. While, Peter he clarified, smiling: “YOUR mother’s shell, which is over there.”

The match was filmed by the fans who were still there and were in awe of the moment between the two stars. The video went viral on social media, especially for lalitersthose followers of the couple since its inception.

Later, the actor witnessed the entire show with his friends Nicolás Vázquez and Gimena Accardi, among other well-known presences.

Look at the moment of the meeting: