the block of deputies nationals of the UCR filed a request for impeachment against the president Alberto Fernandez because it considered that it did not comply with the decision of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation that ordered that 2.95% of the co-participation be returned to the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. The PRO Y Advance Freedom They also presented their own projects yesterday.

The UCR had announced that it would promote the political trial as soon as Fernández suggested that he would not abide by the Court’s ruling. This Tuesday Negri decided to present it, considering that the Government commits a “malicious ruse” by wanting to pay with bonds and not “cash”.

The project, which bears the signatures of all the members of the bench, stipulates in its only article: “Promote a political trial against the President of the Nation, Dr. Alberto Fernández, for poor performance and eventual commission of crimes in the exercise of their functions, in accordance with the provisions of article 53 and concordant of the National Constitution.

“As legislators we must define the political responsibility of the official who fails to comply with what is established in the fundamental text and we also do so in the conviction that such actions inevitably lead to institutional deterioration, with very serious economic and social consequences,” they said.