Last weekend in Córdoba, and particularly in Villa Carlos Paz, it had high levels of occupancy in its tourist places. According to data collected by the Córdoba Tourism Agency, some towns registered an occupation that reached 100% of their current capacity.

In this sense, Sebastian Boldrini, Secretary of Tourism, Sports and Culture of Villa Carlos Paz, was enthusiastic in assuring that “This weekend has been one of the best” “We were very close to marking a full occupation. The truth is that there are very few places left to reserve both in hotels and in cabins,” explained the official

In this sense, he highlighted that clearly the festival season, together with its high number of people, is a clear factor that influences the movement of tourists in the city. This is what happens these days with the Cosquín folklore festival.

He also postulated that “both hotels and gastronomy have set affordable rates that allow people to go out and enjoy themselves.” He still admitted that the number of nights that tourists plan to stay has decreased since inflation is reflected in higher consumption expenses per person.

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