After the success of the first edition of the Cosquín Quartet, this Sunday there will be a contest so that bands and soloists of the genre can compete for a place in the maximum quartet event. The finalists will have the opportunity to appear at the Pre Cosquín Quartet 2023which will take place at the Greek Theater in the City of Córdoba, on January 22 from 7:30 p.m.

The selected quartet artists were Caravaneando, Serena Gamboa, La 440, Diego Giannini and TaWeno. Of these 5 finalists, the winner will emerge who will join the grid of the Cosquín Quartet Festival 2023.

Serena Gamboa: She was the only female soloist participating in this Sunday’s contest. She is from Luan Toro, a town in the province of La Pampa

Ta Weno: the gang led by Mayco Walker. The artist is a renowned composer who wrote numerous songs for renowned quartet bands such as: La Banda de Carlitos (You can never forget me), La Konga (Baby), Dale Q’Va (I love you so much), Q’Lokura ( I’m having a bad time), Damián Córdoba (Love me), among others.

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Caravanning: Its singers are Yamila Díaz, Mauro Villalón, Nicolás Gazzaniga and Francisco Lisandron, and for five years they have traveled this path together in the world of music

Diego Giannini: a native of Santa Fe, the artist already presented his first album last October at Quality Teatro.

La 4.40: The band has made important collaborations with other renowned artists of the quartet, they even recorded the song beats along with Neno Aguirre from Dale Q Va.