Luisana Lopilato returns to the Netflix screen playing her new character: Manuela Pelari, alias Pipa. This new release comes to close the trilogy of films that began with Perdida and then La hunch, based on the book by journalist Florencia Etcheves.

“Pipa” will have its official premiere on July 27 on Netflix, but for those who are most anxious, the streaming giant has already released the official trailer. The film takes place in northern Argentina and promises to be a resounding success for national cinema.

The official synopsis of the film says: “Manuela Pipa Pelari is no longer the same. The tough and brave woman who survived her passing by the Police by breaking the rules and keeping dark secrets decided to change her life. After leaving her job as an investigator and setting trafficker Cornelia Villalba free, she took a nosedive. Her aunt, Alicia Pelari, rescues her and takes her to La Quebrada, a small town in northern Argentina where she has lived isolated for years. Until the appearance of a corpse of hers drags her, again, to the places from which she thought she had escaped.

Watch the full trailer here: