As of February, the way to define the increases in prepaid medicine quotas will be readjusted. Instead of being every two months, they will become monthly, also based on the health cost index, and an increase limit will also be applied to affiliates with incomes below six minimum vital and mobile wages (SMVM).

This universe of affiliates may limit the percentage increase to 90% of the variation that the last index of average taxable remuneration of stable workers (RIPTE) reported by the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security. For February, the prepaid already began to report the monthly increase that will be located at 8.21%, as can be seen from the official communiqués.

Regarding the limit for affiliates with income up to six minimum wages (currently at $371,718), they must complete a monthly affidavit to reduce the increase. The last RIPTE reported is that of October 2022, which stood at 5.5%, with which the increase limit would be 4.95%, which would be a 3.26 percentage point less increase.

The affidavit must be completed on a monthly basis, and the measure in principle as indicated in decree 743/2022 will be for 18 months from February 2023. To complete the affidavit, you must enter the website of the Superintendence of Services of Health to declare the situation between the 1st and 20th of each month.

Step by step of the procedure

1. The link to enter is and it is necessary to have a tax code of level 3 of AFIP and join the service “My SSHealth” to the fiscal key. Once the web is accessed, you must click on the access to Affidavit for Prepaid Users.

2. To access the data upload form, click on the button “new statement”. This option will only be visible from the 1st to the 20th of each month. One prepaid affidavit can be filed per period

3. Click on the button “Selection of prepaid medical entity” to display the search engine that allows you to select your prepaid medicine company. Select it and put YES in the two condition boxes (declaration and authorization) and confirm the process by clicking on the button “confirm”

4. Once the process is confirmed, the screen already shows you the DJ of the declared period, and the process is complete. from the 1st to the 20th of the next month, it must be reported again as long as the parameters have not changed.