The National Government decided to once again increase the value of prepaid medicine in the month of December of the current year by 13.8%, totaling for the whole of 2022 a total increase in this service of 113.8%. This data was confirmed by the Superintendency of Health Services and the Economy Department of the Ministry of Health.

In this way, the ninth and most significant increase for this service would take place. It should be remembered that the increases occurred in January, March, April, May, June, July, August and October; and with the reference of the last month with increase, the accumulated exceeded the inflation rate of 80% reported by the Indec last week.

According to resolution 1293 of the Ministry of Health, the index whose fluctuation determines the increase in quotas is made up of four components: costs related to human resources, drug values, prices of medical supplies and the variation of the Consumer Price Index of the Indec.

Criticism was not long in coming, both inside and outside the government. Such was the case of Vice President Cristina Fernández, who described the measure as “unacceptable”, and on the social network Twitter it was downloaded: “Timely and reservedly, we express our opinion against continuing to grant increases that affect Argentine families in an essential service such as health and that also aggravates the inflationary process.”

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