The Governor of Córdoba, Juan Schiaretti, met with Juan Manuel Urtubey, from Salta, with the idea of ​​building “an alternative” to overcome “the crack” ahead of the 2023 presidential elections. In the Government House of the province, the Cordovan Peronist leader received the former governor of Salta to outline basic consensus to overcome the crisis that Argentina is going through. The referents of the National PJ intend to form a space that breaks the polarization.

On the particular aspirations of each one, the leaders prioritized the creation of a broader space that “corrects the asymmetries of the country”, as specified. Along the same lines, they argued that “employment” and “production” will be the keys to getting out of the crisis.

A month ago, Urtubey questioned the Frente de Todos and affirmed that “those who manage the Peronist franchise have nothing to do with Peronism.” In addition, he added: “Peronism has always differed from other movements by its vocation in upward social mobility and never planted itself in the class struggle.”

Schiaretti, for his part, described the space led by Vice President Cristina Kirchner as a “feudal” space, given that “they govern to win an election and have absolute control of money, the legislature and Justice.” For Schiaretti, Peronism “is not authoritarianism, it is not feudalism, it is not pressure”, but “it is production and work, it is openness towards the whole of society”.

Source: NA