Within the framework of the investigation carried out by the justice for the death of Jonatan Romo, which occurred at the La Falda police station on July 10, the prosecutor Raúl Ramírez ordered preventive detention for the six police officers arrested and charged.

The judicial official indicated that the precautionary measure was ordered “as a way to guarantee aspects that have to do with the course of the investigation and the regular process” and clarified it is not about “an advance conviction or guilt”.

It should be remembered that Commissioner Diego Braccamonte was in charge of the North Punilla Departmental Regional Unit at the time of Romo’s death and was removed from office by the police authorities, while the Director General of Human Resources, Vocational Training and Police Training, Julio Faría and the director of Permanent Police Training, Marcos Manrique, were retired.

What does the defense of the family say?

Luis Galli, attorney for the Romo family, assured that the autopsy, which determined that Romo died of mechanical asphyxiation, made it clear that the police “acted viciously and viciously”. The lawyer noted that “It is one thing to act badly and another thing is to act wickedly”.

In addition, the lawyer revealed that a very important testimony is included in the file. “There was another prisoner, in another cell (in the La Falda police station), who heard” stop hitting him because he is dead, “said Galli about the statement that person gave as a witness.

“Let’s learn to differentiate a police officer who acts badly, from another who is bad”, asked and added that there should be more defendants in the case. “We are convinced that Braccamonte had a lot of interference” and he is not charged yet. “We are going to provide evidence so that Mr. Braccamonte ends up in prison”assured the lawyer of the Romo family.

Finally, the lawyer said that he suffered at least two strange episodes, which he related to “area police” of the Punilla Valley. “I’m taking care of myself, I have private security, I’ve been living with eyes in the back of my head for a while, I don’t feel that there is security”Galli denounced.

Source: Radio University