The sustained inflation that affects the Argentine economy is reflected in Easter food with increases in these products of up to 89%.

This was revealed by a private report that indicated that a 55-gram egg went from costing $291 in 2021 to $550 in April 2022. In the different ranges of sizes and qualities, the increases showed variations of 84% in the case of 150-gram units ( $834), 69% in products of 20 grams ($188) and 66% in the case of the so-called “fantasy” of 17 grams ($63).

In the most elaborate, for example stuffed, the price rose 60% to cost $1,600, according to the work of the Focus Market consultancy directed by Damián Di Pace.t

In the case of fish, whose consumption especially on Good Friday is a priority for the Catholic flock, it suffered an increase of 66%, going from $540 to $899 in one year. Squid rose 56%, from $570 to $890. Meanwhile, fish milanesas increased 54% from $715 to $1,099. The kanikama adjusted 47% from $329 to $485, in its 250-gram version.

“Fish increased by 200% in the accumulated of Alberto Fernández’s management over chicken and beef in the same period. Today, the problem of price is added to the transport that leaves the port due to the inconvenience of the lack of diesel for a cold and perishable product like this. In the last week there were difficulties to reach the fishmongers,” said Di Pace.

In the case of the “Easter Roscas” the year-on-year increases are in the order of 41%.