The Government, through the Internal Trade Secretariat, updated the values ​​of the seven popular cuts of beef that were included in the “+ Careful Prices” program, which came into force weeks ago after the agreement between the Executive Branch and the refrigerators.

In this way, through Resolution 405/2022, published this Thursday in the Official Gazette, the area in charge of Roberto Feletti, reported that “the recommended price lists for meat cuts, as of April 8, 2022, in line with the addenda to the agreements reached” in the aforementioned program with which the Government tries to control the escalation of food prices.

“It is the duty of the Government to guarantee the rights of the population and their effective enjoyment, which is why it is of priority interest to ensure unrestricted access to basic goods, especially those aimed at protecting health, food and hygiene,” he argued. the Ministry of Internal Trade that regulated the prices of the roast, the skirt, the matambre, the buttock, the shoulder, the roast lid and the vacuum. “The purpose of this measure is to present the consumer with true, clear and detailed information on the sale prices of the meat cuts referred to above,” it was indicated.

Within this framework, the Secretary of Commerce established the following values ​​as of today: strip roast $679; empty $815; $810 kill; skirt $449; roast lid $679; buttock $859; palette $699. These prices are recommended for the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires (AMBA) and interior. While for Patagonia, they are as follows: empty $879; slaughter $879; roast lid $698; buttock $899; palette $739.