With the uncertainty of payments, employees of the Aconcagua sanatoriums and San Vicente Park They demonstrated this Wednesday at noon to demand all of their salaries and bonuses.

From the Union of Argentine Sanitation Workers (ATSA), They indicated that they do not have an expected date for payment of the Christmas bonus.

From the union they affirm that the salaries are paid in installments and that there is no scheduled date for the payment of the bonus. They affirmed that at this time of the year it is more difficult to know when it is paid because “there’s no money”.

“…At this time of the year they maintain that there is no money to pay the Christmas bonuses, they do not say when they are going to pay them, it could be in two or three installments in January…”they maintained.

Due to the conflict, a hearing will be held this Thursday in the Ministry of Labor with clinic representatives.

Added to the salary claims, the workers also ask for the incorporation of more personnel to fulfill the daily tasks. “On top of the fact that they are overloaded, their salary is paid in installments, up to three times. The situation does not give for more”, they affirmed.