This Monday, the Ministry of Territorial Development and Habitat launched a new stage of the early debt cancellation program for beneficiaries of Procreate.

The Secretary of Territorial Development, Luciano Scatolini, together with the general notary of the Government of the Nation, Carlos Gaitanand the representative of Banco Hipotecario, Gustavo Cento Docato, They held a meeting where they agreed on the new stage of the cancellation program.

scatolini I affirm that “With this measure we complete a virtuous circle that began with the launch of Procrear in 2012, where thousands of families began to realize the dream of having their own home. They made an effort to honor their commitments and today, thanks to a strong political decision, they can finish canceling the credit and receive your deed for free and thus have full legal security over your home”.

For his part, Gaitan assured that “It is very important to carry out the delivery of titles of an operation such as Procrear, which proved to be efficient, where the presence of the State is important to continue guaranteeing access to housing that today is expressed as a concrete possibility for citizens.”

The initiative contemplates benefits such as the free process for families to receive their deed. It includes interest, tax and commission savings as incentives so that those people who still have an outstanding balance of the acquired credit can cancel it in a timely manner.

Currently, around 13,000 families have joined the early repayment program and a new stage is being promoted that incorporates more benefits in this direction, where interested parties can finish paying off their credit and enroll in the program again.