The Central Bank announced the prohibition of payment in installments of purchases abroad that are made under the “door to door” system. This was established by the BCRA through Communication “A” 7535, which will come into force as of next Monday, July 4.

According to the provision, banks and credit-providing companies are prohibited from financing, in installments, the purchase of products or services acquired abroad, which includes everything from tickets and tourist services to products received through postal delivery.

From the monetary authority they recalled that “the same restriction for the purchase of tickets or tourist services was already in force” and added that now “what is known as Door to Door has been added.”

The spokesman specified that “you can continue buying and paying with cards in foreign stores but without financing in installments.” “What is discouraged is the offer made by some entity to be able to finance consumption in dollars in installments in pesos,” the sources said.

The decision known today is added to the measures at the beginning of the week for companies that were forced to seek their own financing to continue their activity.

Source: NA