It deals with the investigation of “the money route K“, the reason why Lazaro Baez was sentenced was sentenced to 10 years from prison. With this judgment it was confirmed that there was a structure of money laundering of 65 millionIt is in dollars through the financial company known as “La Rosadita”.

After what Cristina Fernandez has been subjected to an investigation in 2018, Casabello he dictated the lack of merit. Therefore, according to the judge, the money laundering operation carried out by Baez existed but Cristina was simply not involved. For Marijuán the story is different, he affirms that during the government of the now vice president, there was a close relationship between her and Baez. He also declared the existence of around 370 calls between October 2010 and April 2013.

The lawyer declared “Clearly, the illicit money of Lázaro Antonio Báez came mainly from the irregular allocation of public works with which he was benefited by the governments of Néstor and Cristina Kirchner.” Although he clarified: “However, the undeniable link with Lazaro Baez together with the person who is sentenced before this federal jurisdiction, by itself it does not allow progress in their prosecution and even less in an oral trial.”