The total collection April 2023 was $120,223 million, which means a nominal growth 96% compared to the same month of 2022. If inflation for the period is discounted, the collection would be in April approximately 3% lower than the same month last year.

For their part, the resources of provincial origin they grew up 91% year-on-year in nominal terms. This implies, discounting the price increase, an approximate loss 6% in real terms.

Among the resources of provincial origin:

+ Gross incomewhich explains 75% of its own collection, increased 103% year-on-year in nominal termsin line with the estimated price increase for the same period.

+ Sealswhich has an 8% share of its own collection, shows a negative variation of 22% in real terms compared to April 2022.

+ The taxes patrimonialwith a participation of 12% in the provincial collection, fell approximately one 29% in real terms with respect to April 2022.

+ In the case of real estatethe nominal increase was 33% which implies a fall, discounting inflation34%. This is explained by the 53% increase in Urban and 22% in the case of Rural, both in nominal terms.

+ For his part, the Automotive presents a nominal increase of 91%, which implies a fall of the order of 6% in real terms.

The national source resources register in April 2023 a 100% increase in nominal terms with respect to the same month of 2022. Discounting inflation, it implies a fall of the order of 1% year-on-year. He VAT net of returns it grew at an interannual rate of 115% in nominal terms, with a rise in real terms of 6%. the collection of Profitsfor its part, grew 86% year-on-year in nominal terms, presenting a real fall of the order of 8% (Graph 1).