He anticipated it was announced by the area minister himself, Alexis Guerrera, who assured this Wednesday that “there will be an adjustment” before the end of the year, which will imply a significant increase in public transport service in the “metropolitan area of ​​transport and everything that is federal transportation”.

The official made the announcement before entering the Kirchner Cultural Center to participate in the start of the Yolanda Law training, which seeks to fully train people in the public sector in environmental matters.

When asked about the percentage of the increase in tickets, the minister said that “We are analyzing what that percentage of increase is going to be, but approximately we can make an approximate average of 40%”.

On the other hand, the official clarified that the measure “has nothing to do with the negotiation of the UTA (Unión Tranviarios Automotor) in the Ministry of Labor because internal transport, which is the discussion at the moment, is not the jurisdiction of the national government. , beyond the fact that the provinces always put pressure on national subsidies”.

“It is the jurisdiction of the provincial and municipal governments to establish the rates, the routes, the stops, and what the national government does is a subsidy mechanism“, he stressed.