Ariel Zalio Coverage

“If you need it, it’s yours” those are the words found written on a small sign leaning against the counter of Janet Santillan’s bakery. In that simple sign, which almost goes unnoticed, hides the greatness of a completely kind and supportive act: helping others.

Some time ago, Janet lost her job. Given the impulse to get ahead, she decided to open a store together with her husband. The bakery is located on José Jening street at 737, in that place that is none other than Janet’s own house since they decided to reform the living room of the house to transform it into a shop.

“Three months ago we decided to open, it’s a family business. At first we discovered that they didn’t give us the calculations, that we had bread left over. At that moment, ideas came to mind. We thought about grating it and selling it the next day but later we realized that there are people from really needs it,” said Janet. After this idea they decided to upload a publication to Facebook in which they announced that they would be giving away their merchandise to the most vulnerable.

“Many diners communicated with us. We prepare everything in bags and take it to them if they don’t have mobility. Above all, we want to repeat that this is not bread from yesterday or the day before yesterday, it is bread from the day that is left over,” the stave clarified. of the business.

“For people who really need it, know that if we help them, we are here,” he concluded.

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