Like every world of football, large companies begin to advertise with this theme in this regard. However, the ones that most often stand out are those of the Quilmes brand beer company. Historically they are the most remembered by Argentines because they always appeal to the feeling of the fan, to the emotion and spirit of the cabulero.

This year is no exception, for this World Cup in Qatar 2022, the company recently launched its new advertising which it titled “Coincidencias” which focuses on the coincidences between this World Cup and the one that Argentina won for the last time, in Mexico 1986. The reasons why Quilmes chose this theme is surely related to a theme that became very frequent on social networks where users looked for any similarity of reality with the World Cups that the team won, and at the end they wrote the phrase: ” I choose to believe

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“Again with the coincidences?” Starts the auction of the first dialogue in advertising. And so the comments on the time of the final, the rain at Christmas in Buenos Aires, Robert de Niro’s recent visit to the country, among others. In addition, the presence of the musician Pedro Aznar and the goalkeeper Franco Armani stand out.

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