By Marina Baldo.

After the harangue and skill displayed by the ballet Camin accompanying the lyrics and music of the hymn to Cosquín -created by Zulema Alcayaga and Waldo Belloso- he arrives on stage Antonio Tarrago Ros. This is a particular year for the accordionist because it was the 100th anniversary of the birth of his father, the “king of the chamamé”. Then space is given for two videos in homage to the eminent accordionist from Curuzú Cuatiá. Antonio played classics such as “El Toro” and took the time to speak to the public and highlight the value of the chamamé -declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO- describing it as reflective music and the hug dance. Many spectators got up to dance occupying the corridors

The main stage rotates and the coscoíno appears gabriel macias followed by the stylized dance couple who won the pre-cosquín 2023. The Posse brothers had two interventions on the “Atahualpa Yupanqui”. One dancing and performing the cueca “Sin Palabritas” and another very close to the end of the night in which they approach “madness” in a very creative way.

Later it is the turn of “The Rolling Stones” of folklore: The so adored Manseros from Santiagueños. This group, with more than 63 years of history, was not summoned for this edition of the festival, in fact last year’s performance seemed to have been the last. However, in the fifth moon they said present giving free rein to the classics: “Puente Carretero”, “Eternal love”, “From Always and forever” and “Canto a Monte Quemado” among others. There was space for hoops -by Onofre Paz- and shared music. In this case, with Flor Paz -Onofre’s daughter- they sang “Eterno Amor” and “I want to name my payment”. Also the most historical of the members of this folklore institution thanked and remembered his former bandmates; among them his son Martín Paz -the composer of the “hit” Eterno Amor- who left the group because he was kicked out by his father in a live show 6 years ago.

What about these historical folklore? They cause a sensation even among the youngest and are applauded by everyone. In fact, a large number of tickets were sold for their incorporation to this moon. What is not known is how long this group will continue making presentations, taking into account the state of health of Onofre Paz. In a presentation conference one of the members, Alito Toledo, said “We have never thought of stopping singing.” We will see how the musical life of this folklore institution continues.

From Santiago del Estero we go to Salta, taking a tour of his proposal for the Postal de Provincia that included the participation of the group “Ahyre”. Then the instrumental duo Asato-País takes the stage for the first time, playing piano and bandoneon they conquered the public and also called themselves the “youtubers of tango” inviting them to dive into their channel on this platform. From the northwest of the province, from La Rioja precisely, it is present The Salguero Witch beginning their show with “Saravá” -a song by Duratierra, the group led by Micaela Vita- and continuing with a very varied repertoire.

The end of the moon is near and it arrives Destination San Xavier, the trio formed by Paolo Ragone, Franco Favini and Bruno Ragone. The singers start with classics like “A Monteros” and “La Oma” with the intention of raising the square. And in fact they succeed, many of the spectators were there to see them -especially female audiences-. At one point the artists come down from the stage and begin to sing among the spectators, producing a burst of applause and requests for “another, another”. They explode the plaza with their winning hit in Viña del Mar and mention Los Nocheros giving them an encouraging message and singing “Since you are not here”.

Closing time arrives. Get on the stage Ahyre with “Cusco” a new song -which will give the album its name- premiered a few hours ago. This group formed by “el colo” Vasconcellos, Sebastián Giménez “Pony” Mónico and Federico Maldonado is guaranteed enjoyment.

Making music with folkloric roots but breaking structures and creating mixtures, “experienced” -as they say- bet on generating their own songs. Offering valuable own compositions and taking the time to offer quality and delicacy in his proposal.

The artists, unlike the previous year, were able to enjoy a “clear” night that allowed them to carry out their show without incidents and for the first time they closed a moon from Cosco. Several were the themes that they proposed on the main stage: “Identity”, “The moon”, “The ideas”, “You lost”, “Paper bird” among others. They reviewed classics from their old formation such as “La noche sin ti” and “Si te vas” closing with “Quiero más”.

With them, music is a message: a fresh, solid, genuine message with identity. “We want more” to continue enjoying his musical proposal.

Today the sixth moon has an interesting artistic proposal with two artists of great weight: Raly Barrionuevo and Jorge Rojas.