Less than 15 days before the municipal elections, Together for Change advanced this Monday with the idea of ​​Rodrigo de Loredo to request the transfer of the Police to the Municipality of Córdoba capital and presented a bill in the Unicameral.

“We support the request of the national deputy and candidate for mayor of Juntos por el Cambio, Rodrigo de Loredo, to transfer the leadership, management and budget of the Police to the city to the orbit of the Capital. Insecurity is the main problem for the residents of Córdoba, and particularly in the Capital, with increasingly complex rates and crimes of all kinds and forms that are increasingly violent,” said radical legislator Dante Rossi, who was in charge of spread the presentation

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The bill presented by Together for Change that establishes a pass for 10,618 police officers, 43 police stations, 6 sub-stations and 1,354 mobile phones specifies: “delegate the jurisdiction and powers of the public and citizen security forces that are based in the fabric of the capital city to the municipality of Córdoba with all existing resources and infrastructure, with the corresponding budgetary transfer to ensure the proper functioning of the forces that will be under the administration of the city”.

It should be noted that the governor-elect Martín Llaryora strongly opposed the initiative.