The Alta Gracia prosecutor’s office, in charge of the lawyer Diego Fernández, intervenes in the case of abuse and abandonment in the Alta Gracia Sanatorium, located on Carignani Street at 180 of that town.

Carlos Nayi, the lawyer for the family of the older adult, said: “A patient who, due to his age, should have different treatment and care has been placed at risk of life. The Alta Gracia prosecutor’s office of Dr. Diego Fernández is already intervening, The clinical history and documentation were seized. We are talking about receiving cruel, degrading, humiliating treatment that is incompatible with the assistance that any patient should receive. Probable malpractice, omission of assistance, abandoning attitude.”

In the last hours they were revealed shocking images showing an 81-year-old man in deplorable conditions: chained hands and feet to a bedwhile his family was not allowed to see him or have information about his state of health.