Focaccia is a traditional recipe from Italy. Focaccia means loaf in Italian and refers to a well-ventilated flat bread covered with herbs, spices, fresh tomatoes, among other things. Its dough is very similar to that of pizza, olive oil and coarse salt are usually added to give it even more flavor.

There are some tips to help you get a better result:

– Sink the dough with the fingertips so that it aerates more and is left with the typical shape of the focaccia. This ensures that the bread does not swell.

-Respect the lifting times. It is important to let the olive and rosemary focaccia dough rise until it doubles in size.

-You can add rock, sea or grill salt on top just before taking the Focaccia baked

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To make this recipe you will need: dry or fresh rosemary, to taste, wheat flour, 1 k, yeast, 30 g, water, 600 ml, salt, 30 g, sugar, 1 pinch, olive oil, 30 ml and black olives, 50 g.


1.Mix the flour with the salt. Make a hole in the center, put half the water and the yeast with a pinch of sugar.

2.Let the yeast foam and add all the water from the recipe -always lukewarm- and the olive oil. Form a dough and knead for 10 minutes until you generate a smooth, smooth and soft dough.

3.For the assembly: grease a rectangular plate with olive oil and add the dough, trying to cover up to half of the mold.

4. Chop the pitted black olives and combine them with the olive oil from the recipe. Dip the sprigs of fresh rosemary or sprinkle with dried rosemary to taste. Let rise until doubled in volume.

5.For baking: bake at 180ºC and cook for 40 minutes.