Many times we believe that it is impossible to make some of the foods that we buy in the supermarket in our homes, however, you may be surprised at the number of products that we can make ourselves without having to go buy it. One of them is cream cheese, and even if you think that the result that we can obtain when doing it at home is not the same, we assure you that it has nothing to envy to the industrialized ones.

Only two ingredients are needed: milk and lemon. By adding an acidic element (in this case lemon) to the milk, we cause some of the protein (casein) and fat to solidify and separate from the whey. This “rennet” that we obtain is what we are going to use to prepare our Cream Cheese.

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Here we tell you the step by step to obtain this incredible recipe. Yields approximately 200 Gr. of Cream Cheese ideal for toast or to use in a recipe.

Ingredients: Milk 1 Lt, and lemon 1 unit. You can add salt to taste


1. Heat the milk in a saucepan over medium heat. It does not have to boil, once it starts bubbling remove from heat.

2. Squeeze the juice of a lemon (about 40 ml.) and pour it into the milk.

3. Mix lightly to incorporate and let stand for a minimum of 30 minutes.

4. Little by little you will see that the milk “curdles”, separating the whey from the solids (mostly proteins and fats).

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5. After 30 minutes, place a strainer over a bowl and cover the strainer with a cloth. It can be any type of rag or cloth, always very clean.

6. Pour the contents of the pot onto the cloth and let the whey drain into the bowl. Take the fabric with your hands and press until it drains completely.

7. Now, place in a container along with a tablespoon of whey (from which we previously drained), salt to taste and mix (process) until the desired consistency is achieved. Add more whey and continue processing until a consistency that suits our taste is achieved. The more whey, the softer and more liquid it will be (Casancrem type). If we put less whey it will be drier and firmer (Philadelphia type).

Clever! It only remains to transfer our cheese to a jar with a lid and keep it refrigerated for a maximum of approximately 5 days.

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