A few days before the end of the year and with the excesses of food that the holidays bring, the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Mining of the Provincethrough the General Directorate of Control of the Food Industryprovided recommendations to avoid food poisoning during the summer.


This is a key point to take into account since foods such as sandwiches, meat, chicken, tuna, eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt; Peeled fruits and vegetables must be kept in the cold chain at all times. In case of taking any of these products to the river, beach, among others, they must be transported in a thermal cooler with ice in thermal or insulating bags. It is essential that they are kept in the shade and in cool places to avoid heat.


Raw foods should be separated from cooked foods and wrapped in plastic wrap or placed in containers with a sealed lid.


It is essential to check the state of the producers when buying them, checking that the containers are not dented, rusted or deteriorated. Look for those foods that are healthy and fresh as well as always check the expiration dates for consumption. It is recommended to purchase non-perishable foods first, then fresh and finally frozen. It must also be taken into account that products that meet minimum hygienic and sanitary conditions must be purchased.


Last but not least, it is necessary to wash your hands before cooking and wash the utensils used to cook and prepare food. Mains water must be used or made drinkable before consumption, as well as fruits and vegetables must be washed carefully, especially if they are eaten raw.