This Wednesday at noon, prior to the next provincial elections of next June 25 where the people of Cordoba will elect their next governor and deputy governor, Martin Llaryora who is running for governor with his running mate Myrian Prunotto For Hacemos Unidos Por Córdoba shared a meeting with the militancy at Estación Juárez Celman.

Llaryora referred to the assembly of Hacemos Unidos por Córdoba, the coalition that he heads and that continues to add referents and adherents from different political spaces for the elections that will be held in a few days in Córdoba “We are a new political and generational construction. This must be explained, because I am convinced that we are giving a signal to all of Argentina.”

As expressed by the candidate of Hacemos Unidos por Córdoba, this coalition was not put together “by looking at a survey”, but “out of the conviction that the sign of our time has to be that leaders are encouraged to make agreements, that they are encouraged to meet with sectors that think differently, and thus manage to build a superior synthesis between what I think and what think the other That each one of us can defend our ideas, but that there is also a table where we can meet, because ultimately, the essential shirt that we have to have is that of Argentina. Here in our province we show that we have put on the Córdoba shirt, and that is what is important”, said Martín Llaryora.


For her part, the candidate for Lieutenant Governor Myrian Prunotto stated that “This campaign is the realization of a project that we had been talking about with Martín for some time. We were talking about the fact that we had to give this new generation a twist that is going to be in charge of governing the province of Córdoba, after a governor like Juan Schiaretti, who sets the bar very high for us. We have four days left, we are going to make it. We want to achieve this victory by uniting beyond the political parties, working together and taking this project to the entire province”.

This is the list of new referents and adherents of other spaces that joined Hacemos Unidos por Córdoba.

▪️ Gustavo Benedetti – Mayor of Arroyito.
▪️ Emiliano Ribodino – Mayor of Tio Pujio.
▪️ Cacho Lauret – Mayor of Tyrolean Colony.
▪️ Gustavo Ripeloni – Communal Head of Colonia Vicente Agüero.
▪️ Nelson Luján – Community Chief of Villa del Prado – President UCR department Santa María.
▪️ Sandra Díaz – Candidate in Villa del Prado.
▪️ Maciel Baldussi – Community Chief Costa Sacate.
▪️ Elías Baldussi – Candidate in Costa Sacate.
▪️ Marcelo Bustos – Mayor of Salsipuedes.
▪️ Carina Torres – Candidate in Salsipuedes.
▪️ José Luis Beltramone – Mayor of La Cautiva.
▪️ Adrián Garay – Mayor of San Pedro Norte.
▪️ Bartolo Garay – Candidate in San Pedro Norte.
▪️ Chichi Heredia – Olivares Communal Chief of San Nicolás.
▪️ Yanina Heredia – Candidate in Olivares Commune of San Nicolás.
▪️ Fabián Luna – Communal Chief of Candelaria Sud.
▪️ Carlos Luna – Candidate in Candelaria Sud.
▪️ Mario Moreno – General Fotherigan Communal Chief.
▪️ Leticia Alloco – Mayor of Silvio Pellico.
▪️ Federico Quiñones – Mayor-elect of Silvio Pellico.
▪️ Pablo Alcalino – Mayor of Arroyo Cabral.
▪️ Raúl Marischaldi – Mayor-elect of Arroyo Cabral.
▪️ Julio Castellano – Mayor of La Laguna.
▪️ Guillermo Fava – Mayor of Los Zorros.
▪️ Orlando Brusa – Mayor of Ballesteros.
▪️ Carolina Jara – Mayor of Ballesteros Sud.
▪️ Alicia Centurión – Mayor of Monte Leña.
▪️ Rubén Sambucetti – Mayor of Colazo.
▪️ Gustavo Reitano – Mayor of Morrison.
▪️ Victor Clay – Communal Chief of Las Playas.
▪️ Mauricio Jachula – Mayor of El Brete.
▪️ Ariel Bustos – Mayor of Cerro Colorado.
▪️ Ana Cesio – Candidate in Cerro Colorado
▪️ Luis Poloni – Mayor of Chucul.
▪️ María Nélida Ortiz – Mayor of Alpa Corral / Candidate for Single District legislator.
▪️ Juan Panichelli – Mayor-elect of Colonia Tyrolean.
▪️ Oscar Fasolli – Mayor of Jamez Craik.
▪️ Mónica Pérez – President UCR Tinoco.
▪️ Gustavo Cruz – UCR President Dean Funes.
▪️ Néstor Mujica – Authentic Radicalism Villa María.
▪️ Gastón Colazo – Elected Councilor Pilar.
▪️ Sabrina Valor – President of JR Colón / Candidate for Single District legislator.
▪️ Dolly Romero – Candidate for Single District legislator.
▪️ Fabián Reschia – Candidate at Estación Juárez Celman.
▪️ Matías Haro – Congressman JR / Candidate for councilor.
▪️ Norberto Vergami – Former Mayor of General Roca.
▪️ Laura Roulet – Former President of the JR of the 1th section.
▪️ Néstor Romero – Councilor-elect UCR Villa de Soto.
▪️ Hecto Penna – Mandate Fulfilled.
▪️ Hector Serramea – Mandate Fulfilled.
▪️ Jorge Sánchez – President UCR Ateneo Rubén Américo Martí.
▪️ María Luisa Luconi – Radical Councilor of Río Tercero.
▪️ Alejandro Favot – Radical Secretary of the Rio Tercero Deliberative Council.